The days are getting longer here in Winnipeg and yet I have been feeling kind of depressed. I was sitting at the bus on the way home and I was getting misty eyed again. It’s not a new feeling. How many times have I sat at the bus and tears would just roll down my cheeks. I don’t even know if people have noticed.

The man and I have talked about changes, but it seems to me that nothing’s changed that much. I should really write about what happened two months ago so that you can make sense of all of this blabbing. It’s just that I always feel so tired, working up to ten hours a day. That, and the kids are always on the computers. And we have two now.

I haven’t gone to an Al-Anon meeting yet. I already want to. But it is just so frigging cold out there – down to minus 40 windchill at times. And I don’t want to freeze my butt out there waiting for the bus. I have to take two buses to get there and also two to get home. And since the meeting’s at night and the buses don’t run that often, I might have to wait for up to half an hour or longer for my connecting bus. I just need to talk to someone who can relate. I don’t even know how I’d react to these meetings. Would it help me feel better about myself? Or would it just make me feel more depressed hearing stories that are similar to mine?