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I was reading my previous post about how I was feeling depressed. Good news is, I don’t feel that way anymore. And no, I haven’t gone to any Al-Anon meetings yet and my desire to go to one has waned. Things are getting better between the man and me. We had a big fight a few weeks after that post. The main problem that I still had with him after our almost-separation was that he would still shout at me, even in front of the kids.

Yes, that was the personal crisis that I went through earlier this year. I was ready to leave him. I had been thinking a lot about it these past few years. I had weighed the pros and cons. I had everything planned out. I had talked to him and the kids. But he asked for a second chance and we had this talk about the changes that needed to happen. And so here we are trying to make things work for the better.

It was tough. And as I said, we still had our moments. There was this one instance when he called me at work just to yell at me for something that I didn’t know had pissed him off. I told him that he doesn’t have the right to yell at me, and even call me at work just to do that. I gave him a hard time after that. Something must have clicked and he must have realized that he was wrong and he sort of apologized, which he doesn’t usually do. I was touched and I got choked up. And so we were good again. Just last week, I caught myself skipping and hopping after I got off the bus from work.

And I’m in the mood to do some reading again. I started this book, ”There is a Season” back in October. I was halfway through it when I went back to work downtown and also when I started my second job and I got really busy and I sort of abandoned it. Now I have started reading from where I have left off, in the bus while commuting to and from work. (I’ll write more about this book when I finish reading it.) There was a time when I thought that I couldn’t read in a moving car or bus because it makes me sick. But on our road trip to Alberta last summer, I figured out a way how to make it work for me. I just have to hold the book upright so I’m not looking down. Because it’s the looking down that’s making me feel sick. Besides, it’s getting more comfortable sitting in the bus now that there’s more room in the seats without our bulky winter jackets.

So I’ve been really feeling good until last Sunday when sis did something that really upset me. It’s kind of a long story and that’s another long post. But I’m feeling a little better now. I guess, in life, you have to deal with relationships one at a time.